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I'm just letting everyone know that I have a new LJ, I need a new start to things.

Add me if you want: teh_wod

Well thats all, see ya.
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No word on the job...

I've also felt sick lately, not to mention depressed and spacing out.

I think its to do with my tests done, I won't find out for a while and I'm so worried..not to mentioned scared.

I feel a little weaker then before..and so out of it, I'm to scared to tell my parents coz they will worry.

I hate to worry my parents..I've put them threw enough shit.

Well other then that, sean is an asshole and isn't talking to me..so its totally over.

Sure I might not have been crazy about the guy..he could still talk to me, it does hurt to not know what's happening.

And people wonder why I don't go on msn so much, in fact I hardly go on the net anymore..

I feel like shit..I'm really upset right now, depressed isn't good for me right now..

Right now I have someone telling me I'm sexy and it makes me feel like crap..I'm always like this when depressed and told I'm sexy.

I think I would make a great emo right now...but I'm not emo!

Well I'm going now..I feel to sick to continue..
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Talk about a hectic [?] day.

Yes I went on a train, went to Central station..train ride was slightly boring till I talked to Cookie XP good fun right there.

Got off and went to Births, Deaths and Marriages and got my Birth certificate XD

When we got back to the station we had to take a train to Blacktown and change to get one back to St Marys.

But the bloody St Marys train wouldnt come for almost an hour so my mum and I went to the plaza to kill time.

Had lunch and looked around, got the 80's Movies CD and a new top which Im hoping to wear when I go to see 30 Seconds to Mars in May XD

Finally on the train we got back to St Marys, got in the car and went home, I finished filling out my application form for Hungry Jacks, yes Im going to work at Hungry Jacks lol, and then we went to Mt Druitt.

Mother paid a few other things, I changed my cell/mobile number, had a mocha chiller from Gloria Jeans =] and then looked around.

On the way home I went in and put my application form in and ended up in a bloody interview >.< I wasnt ready but I think I did good...

FInally after getting out we raced home and I watched Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X.

Later on I got a call from Tash and shes doing good, I had only been talking about her today with my mum and she called, so funny..

Im still waiting for the guy from Hungry Jacks to call back telling me if I got the job or not, I need money! I need it for my Anime things and concert threw out this year >.<

Well Im going, cya all.
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I told my mum about this Anime shop down in the city my friend told me about and if I find out were it is I might get to go and check it out XD

I might be able to get new Manga and maybe DVDs O_O I cant wait..deffently not going to entertainment lol.

Sure its a good class and all..but come one, me in the city looking at Anime and Manga..I would have to go with me in the city looking at Anime and Manga lol.

Waste of a post but who cares XP

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Its Gonna Rain-Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin
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Alright, today was totally fun for me =]

Ok..the morning not so much, I missed out watching Naruto *cries* coz I had to go to the doctors [Senior day off].

There I had a check up and then blood taken, the lady said my vains are hard to find >.< but she didnt hurt me...much.

My dad made a little joke afterwards about getting me a lollie pop, I told him I wanted Mc Donalds and thats what I got for breakfast =D

Got home at around 9am, had my breakfast while he left for work and then I went to school, yes day off tho I went to school, I went to help with the painting of our Senior study room XD

Ivana, Gloria, Sophia and myself painted the room and cleaned it, it was the old PE staff room we got and now it looks awesomeness.

All the teachers are so supportive of us, oh and we put a hand print with our names near them, I put Natasha 'Wod' lol.

I have a few battle injuries lol, I had the shelves hit me and cut my stomach and the door hit me while standing on a stool..lucky I didnt fall lol.

Now to tell you what we get in our study room, we will have a microwave, toaster, kettle, Im not to sure about a fridge, computer/s, a couch and a few tables.

Im going to be doing a few drawing that we are going to put up around the room, its so awesome, Im so happy tho tired lol.

I also got free lunch from our year addviser, we also might have another room to do, a history room and I will get to do the drawing of Egypt, Rome and such.

It was a good day and all *nods*.

Tomorrow I am off down to the city, Sydney, to get my birth certificate, FINALLY! My mum and I are jumping a train which I will be taking photos of people getting on and off for my photography assesment, dont worry I am also going to be taking photos at the mini Animania XP

Then I might be going to Entertainment at St Marys Senior..thats if Im not running late and/or feeling up to it lol.

I might be so tired that I will miss it..even tho I want to anyways lol, but I cant let Alisa and Shorty [Kayla] down.

Well Im off to do assesments and an essay.

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Might be going to mini Animania (?) if I can help it.

It will be good to go coz I will do my photography assesment then, photos of people at random moments lol.

Hopin to drag Matt and a few of his mates.

Also l, thanks to bubblefire, I now know of both big Animanina (?) and Supernova...I still need to think of who to cosplay as, anyone got some ideas? I would be happy if anyone could give me ideas lol.

Schools of course shit, I have to work on 2 assesments.

Well g2g, cya <3

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Yes I am alive...

Havent had much time to update, being back at school and all.

School is in fact shit, I have it and wish to be rid of it..but nope, parents are making me stay.

Ive been drawing lately and have some good stuff..just lazy to scan it and all.

Writing is coming along, Ive written a total of 12 one-shots for Freedom of Speech.

Watching Anime as usual, listening to music and of course sleeping most of my weekends away.

Also got some new icons...just bored and thought I need a change...

Oh well, must go Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X will be on in about 18 mins, its on at 12am..yes I stay up till 12:30am and I get up, now, at 5am..

I must watch Naruto..which is on normal TV compared to when it was on cable.

Bye bye

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i think everyone enjoys makin me mad or sad with the occasional tears.

ive been like this for the last week, if i tell someone they would say its coz i lost my aunt and she had been cremated yesterday...but its a bit of that and my friends.

im not the person to tell someone if they hurt me, i just let it stay inside me and never speak of it, thats the way ive always been since i was little.

only about 10 mins ago my mum did it to me, made me feel so bad that i never went visited my aunt before the cancer, my reason for that was her dog...he use to attack me for god damn no reason!

not to mention i got some of my grandmother and great grandmothers jewellery, so she decided to say "see..they [as in my aunt and uncle] thought of u as their daughter" well i began to cry and tell her is she happy i feel bad.

my dad told her how i took it and she said she was sorry only to say she meant by what i said the other night, how u dont know when ur times up...still that hurt coz she was still sayin what she said before.

what angers me is that the only people as in friends to talk to me r those from myspace, Bec, Jess and Kalea r the only ones...

then i see photos of friends havin fun with my other friends...u dont think it hurts and makes me feel as if im not wanted? that im not that much of a friend, or no friend at all?

well i want to tell u all to go fuck ur selves! no more, i wont deal with it anymore! im not goin to be a friend of someone who doesnt want me around...so when we go back to school i say fuck off and leave me alone!

this year im not goin to take that shit, deal with friends who think im nothin and peoples feelings, im goin to be a bitch and tell anyone off who thinks of me as a friend but doesnt include me.

im sick of being everyones doormat, so no more! dont like it just fuck off then coz i dont need u if u werent even there! i guess i will just lock myself away and throw away the key, become incased in my writing and forget the real world.

i know its not healthy but thats going to happen very soon, after all i want to be a writer of fanfiction and novels. give my life to my writing sounds good coz i dont even have one, i dont think i have a bf anymore, family is pissin me off and everyone makes me feel useless and unwanted...so what more is there to keep me goin? nothin thats what!

if i dont do another entry u now know why...im dead to this world and now am happy in my own world. goodbye.
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7:50am and skool starts at 8:30am...

the week is almost over so i can finally sleep in and forget about skool for 2 days.

right now i am tired and in a bit of a emo mood...fun.

skool has been shit, i havent done much work at all...like i care any ways?

the best thing is i now have 2 free periods and a few times they r my last classes as well...so i get to come home early.

start the gym this afternoon, im goin to die i know it.

but i told my self and my mum im goin to work my ass off in the gym.

ive also cut down on the junk food...and soft drink, all ive been drinkin is water since monday :)

oh well im goin...most likely do a post later.


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today was alright.

went to skool and came home, oh so fun...not.

didnt do much work, been thinkin bout stories all day and right now im thinkin some more bout my stories.

i finally got firefox yesterday, its awesome and a bit faster lol.

really sad thing is...i have started a Hellsing story.

i just had to look at the challenges on one of the sites im with, the only challenge and it was a AlucardxReader.

so im givin it a go, should be good.

i might be goin to newcastle for the Knights vs Panthers game :) i cant wait!

i hope to see Daniel Abraham *drools* hes so hot...well i think hes hot lol

might as well get back to write.


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