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Talk about a hectic [?] day. Yes I went on a train, went to Central…

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Talk about a hectic [?] day.

Yes I went on a train, went to Central station..train ride was slightly boring till I talked to Cookie XP good fun right there.

Got off and went to Births, Deaths and Marriages and got my Birth certificate XD

When we got back to the station we had to take a train to Blacktown and change to get one back to St Marys.

But the bloody St Marys train wouldnt come for almost an hour so my mum and I went to the plaza to kill time.

Had lunch and looked around, got the 80's Movies CD and a new top which Im hoping to wear when I go to see 30 Seconds to Mars in May XD

Finally on the train we got back to St Marys, got in the car and went home, I finished filling out my application form for Hungry Jacks, yes Im going to work at Hungry Jacks lol, and then we went to Mt Druitt.

Mother paid a few other things, I changed my cell/mobile number, had a mocha chiller from Gloria Jeans =] and then looked around.

On the way home I went in and put my application form in and ended up in a bloody interview >.< I wasnt ready but I think I did good...

FInally after getting out we raced home and I watched Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X.

Later on I got a call from Tash and shes doing good, I had only been talking about her today with my mum and she called, so funny..

Im still waiting for the guy from Hungry Jacks to call back telling me if I got the job or not, I need money! I need it for my Anime things and concert threw out this year >.<

Well Im going, cya all.
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