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x_xthe_ravensx_x · life

So Happy Tho Tired

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Alright, today was totally fun for me =]

Ok..the morning not so much, I missed out watching Naruto *cries* coz I had to go to the doctors [Senior day off].

There I had a check up and then blood taken, the lady said my vains are hard to find >.< but she didnt hurt me...much.

My dad made a little joke afterwards about getting me a lollie pop, I told him I wanted Mc Donalds and thats what I got for breakfast =D

Got home at around 9am, had my breakfast while he left for work and then I went to school, yes day off tho I went to school, I went to help with the painting of our Senior study room XD

Ivana, Gloria, Sophia and myself painted the room and cleaned it, it was the old PE staff room we got and now it looks awesomeness.

All the teachers are so supportive of us, oh and we put a hand print with our names near them, I put Natasha 'Wod' lol.

I have a few battle injuries lol, I had the shelves hit me and cut my stomach and the door hit me while standing on a stool..lucky I didnt fall lol.

Now to tell you what we get in our study room, we will have a microwave, toaster, kettle, Im not to sure about a fridge, computer/s, a couch and a few tables.

Im going to be doing a few drawing that we are going to put up around the room, its so awesome, Im so happy tho tired lol.

I also got free lunch from our year addviser, we also might have another room to do, a history room and I will get to do the drawing of Egypt, Rome and such.

It was a good day and all *nods*.

Tomorrow I am off down to the city, Sydney, to get my birth certificate, FINALLY! My mum and I are jumping a train which I will be taking photos of people getting on and off for my photography assesment, dont worry I am also going to be taking photos at the mini Animania XP

Then I might be going to Entertainment at St Marys Senior..thats if Im not running late and/or feeling up to it lol.

I might be so tired that I will miss it..even tho I want to anyways lol, but I cant let Alisa and Shorty [Kayla] down.

Well Im off to do assesments and an essay.

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