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x_xthe_ravensx_x · life

...if u dont like then get lost...

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today was my senior day off.

not much happened i slept in to bout 10am coz i didnt get much sleep last night.

ive felt crap all day and still are, its that bad i really dont want to eat dinner.

i actually felt like i was goin to throw up but i didnt luckly.

i think my dads a bit worried, which is nice to know.

panadole [?] isnt workin, the pains still there.

dont know how im goin to take it tomorrow at skool, if lucky i might get to stay home...i dont think so tho.

i might go and take a nap now...


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sore sore
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listen to ur heart-roxette
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alright another 14 days till im 17 yrs old, scary ay? lol

ive put on weight *cries* not cool!

i still dont know what im doin for my birthday...i was thinkin day out with friends then dinner together.

lets just hope this is a good birthday for me, the last few werent so happy for me.

like i chose not to have a birthday party or do anythin at all.

oh i know, go bowlin then dinner i think that sounds fun...just hope they do lol.

i sometimes wonder do people actually like me, i dont care but it would hurt to know those that r close to me hate me.

guess that would be another nail in my coffin ay?

tomorrow im off coz of the teacher strike, so im goin to the markets with my mum then to lunch with my aunt and cousin.

also i start holidays next week...late night shoppin here i come lol.

well i have to go...stupid shows goin to start in a bit.


Current Mood:
tired tired
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